What Does Marketing Agreement Mean

These external entrepreneurs can be individuals, marketing companies, etc. They help a company create, implement and maintain market strategies that give a boost to its business. When this is done, the company enters into a marketing agreement with the marketer. If your business relies on sensitive intellectual property information or proprietary information, you may need to include information about how it is handled. This may include a discussion about real estate ownership, i.e. you may need to go into detail about who owns the existing elements of your business and who owns everything that was created by the marketing agency or consultant during their tenure with your business. This means clearly identifying the client (the company) and the consultant (the agency or marketer) and describing the duration or scope of the project and specifying that no other agency will be used during this period. If you ask your contract marketer to sign a non-disclosure agreement, you`ll need a section on privacy. This usually sounds like a statement that a signed non-disclosure agreement exists, not the agreement itself – you`ll have to resolve it at another time and through another agreement.

Following the figure above, „A“ and „B“ could have simply discussed what they expected from each other so that A`s services could be marketed and B could have done what they discussed. The question that arises is what was the need for a written marketing agreement. To answer this question, let`s look at the meaning of such an agreement: Illustration: „A“ is a bank that provides financial services, while „B“ does telemarketing. .

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