Umc Agreement

Sixteen United Methodist leaders then negotiated the proposal with the help of Ombudsman Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer who oversaw the compensation fund for victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. They reached an agreement on 17 December. The factions agreed to $39 million to support „communities historically marginalized by the sin of racism,“ according to the agreement. That includes $13 million that traditionalists have contributed instead of receiving as part of their share. „It`s exciting for me,“ said Jan Lawrence, who participated in the protocol consultations as director of the Reconcised Ministries Network. „The potential to eliminate anti-LGBTQ language in 2020 is astonishing, and the agreement to start a moratorium two days ago is very positive for LGBTQ United Methodists.“ As part of a deal to be voted on in May, a new „traditionalist Methodist“ denomination would continue to ban same-sex marriage and gay and lesbian clerics. For years, they have feared that they have reached a point of „insurmountable differences“ with more progressive factions within the CEM and WCA leaders have been preparing for the introduction of a new denomination. Under the agreement, WCA will not assert any other monetary claims beyond the $25 million. Episcopal Council President Kenneth Carter was one of the distant episcopal leaders who participated in the discussions and signed the agreement.

Yambasu of Africa, Bishop Rudy Juan of the Davao region of the Philippines and Bishop Christian Alsted of the Northern Baltic region of Europe. Different groups are expected to again propose different split plans at the CEM General Conference in May, but under the new agreement, they will abandon the proposals and give their full support to the reconciliation and grace protocol by separation, announced on Friday. The agreement, signed by 16 church leaders on both sides of the debate, would allow same-sex marriage in the Methodist church and for gay religious to serve openly. Bishops and leaders of a number of Evangelical Methodist groups have announced a proposed agreement to divide the Evangelical Methodist Church. But members of the unofficial group of leaders who wrote and signed the agreement announced Friday (Jan. 3) say their proposal is the only one to include representatives of all different theological views within the Church as well as clergymen from across the world denomination. It is also signed by both the outgoing president and the new president of the Evangelical Methodist Council of Bishops. „The assumption for everyone who participated in this agreement was that the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) would introduce the traditional denomination referred to in the protocol,“ said Virginia Pastor Keith Boyette, president of the WCA.

The WCA brings together 125,000 people in 1,500 churches in favor of traditional CEM marriage. The Evangelical Methodist Church is a member of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States of America and the World Council of Churches. She also participates in churches that unite in Christ (former consultation on the Union of the Church). . . . .

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