Toyota Ford Hybrid Agreement

Companies will integrate the new hybrid system separately into their future vehicles. Ford Motor Co. ended a lengthy legal battle and agreed to pay a Baltimore-based technology company and the Abell Foundation for the use of hybrid engine technology. President Barack Obama won a 2011 automaker deal to double the average fuel consumption of vehicles sold in the U.S. to 54.5 miles (88 kilometers) per gallon by 2025. This is pushing the production of electrified vehicles from automakers like Ford, which want to triple production this year compared to 2011, Nair said today. Paice was founded in 1992 by Alexander Severinsky, a Russian-born who built a prototype hybrid car and began discussions with major automakers, but was rejected. Severinsky, an electrical engineer, founded the company in the University of Maryland`s Small Business Incubator Program and was granted a hybrid vehicle patent in 1994. „The more familiarity there is, the more demand there will be.“ Derrick Kuzak, Director of Product Development at Ford, said: „This agreement combines the ability of two global leaders in hybrid vehicles and hybrid technologies to develop a better solution faster and at a lower cost.“ Ford and Toyota say they will come together to work on a new hybrid system that will be used to make pickups and SUVs. He quickly points out that other suppliers like Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.

and Continental Teves have played an even bigger role than Toyota in Ford`s hybrid development. (See related story: Sanyo enters the Automotive Arena with hybrid Escape Battery Pack) In February 2017, Paice filed a complaint against Ford with the International Trade Commission, accusing the automaker of violating a patent on vehicles imported into the United States. Paice asked the Commission to ban the company from importing vehicles such as the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ hybrids….

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