Dodea Master Labor Agreement

But the union says it has understood that teachers only have to work without pay occasionally under a temporary agreement. (12) trading weeks occur when thirty (30) or fewer items are open; Up to fifteen (15) weeks of negotiations take place when thirty-one (31) or more items are opened. Negotiations may not exceed six (6) months. At the end of this period, extensions shall be authorised by mutual agreement. Finally, in section 2, the Agency attempts to impose ground rules for negotiations on the next CBA in more than 5 years. The agency argues that it took 5 years for these parties to agree on their ground rules. As stated in the history of the negotiations below, the body adopted a decision imposing basic rules on these parties (case No. 19 FSIP 001). The ground rules imposed by the panel set out a process and timetable for the progress of the negotiations: a first 6-week personal negotiation meeting; followed by possible 12 weeks of additional negotiations based on the number of open items. At the end of the 18 weeks, each side had the opportunity to extend the negotiations for up to one week. The panel also set a deadline of 30 days for mediation, unless otherwise provided by the fmCS.

The body orders the parties to adopt the general rules governing the negotiation of its successor CBA, including the agreed provisions and the provisions adopted by the parties in FSIP No. 19 FSIP 001, unless they are contrary to the conditions of the CBA, whether they are matters for which the panel has not invoked jurisdiction[16] or the parties mutually agree to negotiate new general rules for the reopening of this CBA in more than five years. Employees are authorized Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT) if they fulfill their mandatory mission. The Agency has added a language to clarify that the employee`s days of service will begin if he or she actually arrives at the employee`s service. This clarification was added following an arbitrator`s decision to interpret the rules in accordance with the Agency`s position. The Panel orders the parties to use the Agency`s language for Section 6. Unless otherwise agreed, the FMCS is invited to submit a roster of seven (7) arbitrators who will be attorneys with firms in the Washington metropolitan area, CDs experienced in federal sector arbitration, and panel members of the FMCS or the American Arbitration Association and the National Academy of Arbitrators. The parties select an arbitrator by deleting the names of the transfer in turn, the name of the last arbitrator being chosen. The party that moves takes its first name. In the absence of mutual agreement, the selection of arbitrators must be completed by the FMCS within twenty (twenty) calendar days of receipt of the panel by the parties. The following paragraph discusses the impact of current regulations and directives that are not governmental. These non-governmental rules and directives (i.e.

rules developed and adopted by agencies and directives developed and adopted by agencies) would not have automatically exceeded the conditions of the previous CBA, but could have been the subject of negotiations before their implementation under the previous CBA. . . .

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