Colorado Physician Assistant Collaborative Agreement

(3.2) Nothing in this Section shall be construed to prohibit consultation of patients between a licensed medical practitioner in Colorado and a licensed practitioner in another state or jurisdiction. (b) the occasional provision of services in this condition by a physician where the physician: Physician Assistants (PAs) is a care provider who diagnoses diseases, develops and manages treatment plans, prescribes medications, and often serves as a patient`s primary healthcare professional. With thousands of hours of medical training, PAs are versatile and collaborative. PAs practice in every state and in every medical and specialty environment and improve access to healthcare and quality. (C) The exercise of the delegated medical function is also in accordance with the prescriptions of the Board of Directors and any restrictions and protocols of the doctor and the approved hospital. (7) (a) A medical practitioner licensed in that State who practises as an anaesthetist may delegate functions that constitute the practice of medicine to a representative of an anaesthetist certified in accordance with the provisions of section 12-36-107.3, trained and trained in accordance with the rules adopted by the Council. The delegated medical tasks referred to in point (a) of this paragraph shall be limited to medical functions which constitute the provision or provision of anaesthesia services, as performed by the medical practitioner. An NP is authorized by the State Board of Nursing to prescribe medication after certain requirements are met, including education classes and precepttortion. Upon compliance, interim authority may be conferred and the NP may prescribe drugs and controlled substances in accordance with Annex II-V. Tutoring with a doctor or NP in full authority on prescription must be completed within three years of receipt of the provisional power of attorney. An articulated plan for safe prescribing should also be developed as part of tutoring. Colo. Rev.

Stat. § 12-38-111.6, Colo. Board of Nursing Rules Chapter 15 (B) The licensed physician verifies the quality of the medical services provided by the medical assistant by checking medical records to ensure compliance with physicians` instructions; and (b) (i) Where the power to perform an act is delegated in accordance with paragraph (a) of this paragraph (5), the act may be performed only under the personal and responsible direction and control of a person authorized to practise medicine under the laws of that State. A licensed physician may be responsible simultaneously for the management and supervision of up to four assistants and may be responsible for the management and supervision of more than four medical assistants if he obtains specific authorization from the Board of Directors. As a general rule, the Board of Directors may determine what constitutes adequate direction and supervision of a medical assistant.. . . .

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