Chase Quickpay With Zelle Service Agreement

You acknowledge that neither Zelle nor the network financial institutions assume any responsibility for any breach of the terms of your account agreement with your financial institution. By participating as a user, you represent to Cell that you are the owner of the email address, mobile phone number and/or other alias that you have registered, or that you have the delegated legal authority to act on behalf of the owner, such email address, your mobile phone number and/or another alias to send or receive money as described in this Service Agreement. You agree to receive cell emails or text messages, other users who send you money or ask you for money, and network financial institutions or their representatives regarding services or associated transfers between network financial institutions and you. You agree that cells, network financial institutions or their respective representatives may use automatic telephone voting systems in combination with text messages sent to a mobile phone number that you have registered. You keep acknowledging and saying that if your bank doesn`t work with a cell, you can still send and receive money with them. You just need to download the cell app on any mobile device. You understand that your financial institution may become a network financial institution at any time during the term of this Service Agreement and that you may have the option to continue as a user in the Cell Mobile Application and/or use the Service via the Network Financial Institution`s online site or mobile application. Subject to the terms of an agreement between the cell and your financial institution, Zelle will provide you with a message and other instructions regarding continued access to your cell`s mobile app and service, as well as/or instructions for registering with your financial institution. one. You are responsible for any fees or charges that your mobile operator may charge for data, text or other related messaging services, including, but not limited to, the express messaging service. Please check your mobile phone contract for details or charges incurred, as information and data rates may be charged. As a user who registers with a bank account with a network financial institution, you may be able to access the service using either the mobile cellular application and/or the online or mobile application of the network financial institution.

However, your financial institution may require you to use its online or mobile application to access the service. If you try to register in the cell mobile application with a bank account with a network financial institution where you need to access the service via the financial institution`s online or mobile application, we will forward you to your financial institution`s online or mobile application during your registration. You can also use Chase QuickPay through the Chase mobile app. Don`t confuse Chase Pay with Chase QuickPay. Chase Pay is a separate mobile wallet app that allows you to have an express checkout. In the meantime, Chase QuickPay is a feature built into the chase main mobile app. This means that you don`t need to download an additional app to use Chase QuickPay. There are many banks that use cells, including Wells Fargo, U.S.

Bank, Citi and Bank of America. Here you will find a complete list of participating banks. If your bank does not participate in the cell, you can still use its services – just download the cell app to send and receive money. Chase QuickPay with cell is a great solution to these problems that allows you to transfer free money to different bank accounts. Both services occasionally offer promotions or discounts, so keep an eye out for ways to earn additional Ultimate Rewards points or save a little money. Non-Chase customers must sign up from person to person to their bank`s online payment service or s` for other options. Non-Chase customers can also send and receive money directly through the cell app. Any purchase made through Chase Pay earns Ultimate Rewards points, as does removing their plastic (or metal) from the wallet to get it back to checkout…

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