Bru Reang Agreement Drishti

The State Government must ensure that the quadrangle agreement is applied in letter and spirit. However, the same agreement, which provides for the resettlement of refugees from Bru to Tripura, must also be implemented taking into account the interests of non-Brus, in order to avoid any conflict between the communities of Bru and non-citizens. Today, Bru-Reangs can settle in the state of Tripura, with the government of India, the two state governments and Bru-Reangs representatives signed on January 17, 2020. They will receive all facilities from central and regional government plans like other people in Tripura. The four-party agreement signed between the Centre, the government of Tripura-Mizoram and representatives of the Brus Organization for the settlement of refugees from Brus to Tripura. In 1997-98, about 5,000 families from Bru Reang, or about 30,000 Bru-Reang, were displaced from Mizoram to Tripura because they had ethnic violence in Mizoram. In the northern triura, these people lived in makeshift camps. The Indian government has been making sustained efforts since 2010 to rehabilitate these refugees in a sustainable manner. Until 2014, about 1622 Bru-Reang families returned to Mizoram in different batches. In addition, an agreement was signed on 3 July 2018 between the EU government, the governments of the two states and the representatives of the Bru Reang refugees, who were decided to increase assistance to families.

About 328 families of 1,369 people returned to Mizoram. This agreement will provide a lasting solution for the rehabilitation of thousands of citizens from Bru Reang to Tripura. The government believes that this agreement will give them a bright future. The people of Bru-Reang will benefit from all the social systems of governments. Under the agreement, the Government of Tripura would provide the country. Let us tell you that the agreement was reached after a thorough discussion between the Government of the Union and the governments of Tripura and Mizoram, as well as with the representatives of the Bru tribes. The Bru Reang agreement will be signed between the Indian government, chaired by Interior Minister Shri Amit Shah, the governments of Tripura and Mizoram and Bru-Reang, on 17 January 2020 in New Delhi. On the occasion, Shri Zoramthanga, the Chief Minister of Mizoram, Shri Biplab Kumar Deb, the CM of Tripura, Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma, President of NEDA, Shri Pradyot Kishore Debbarma, President of TIPRA, representatives of the Bru tribes and a few other senior officers were present. How does this agreement differ from previous initiatives for the Bru? The agreement exists between REPRESENTATIVEs of the EU government, the governments of Tripura and Mizoram and Bru-Reang to end the 23-year-old Bru Reang refugee crisis. For The Network: agreement in this regard and recent requests for relaxation of standards in the agreement. In 2018, following the decision of the EU Ministry of the Interior to grant the right to vote to some 30,000 people who had fled Mizoram to Tripura in 1997 following inter-communal violence, the Electoral Commission asked the State of Mizoram to review its lists for the 2018 elections and to involve members of the community of displaced persons.

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