Eurofins Enterprise Agreement

The customer is aware that the company`s goods or services, since they are primarily intended for research purposes, may not be included in the toxic substances control act (TSCA) inventory. The customer assumes responsibility for ensuring that the goods or services purchased by the company are authorized to be used under TSCA, if any. In accordance with the Customer`s agreement to comply with all TSCA R&D substance exclusion requirements applicable to the purchase, the Customer accepts and warrants that it meets all the requirements necessary to maintain the R&D exception, including the use of R&D under the supervision of a technically qualified person, while maintaining all necessary markings. and provide all necessary notifications. The customer also agrees and warrants that he uses or sells the R&D exclusively for R&D purposes or for certain excluded commercial purposes (subject to further authorization). The customer agrees and guarantees that he will not sell or market the R&D substance to consumers. Eurofins has successfully signed an agreement with the Israeli authorities for the toy test reports issued by Eurofins laboratories, which are included in the agreement, to be accepted by the IIC. 1.2 These GTC supersede and replace all prior price offers and agreements, either oral or written, or between the parties, and, unless otherwise stated, prevail over any provision to the contrary or contradictory of subsequent written agreements concluded between the parties. No member of the contractor`s staff, representative or subcontractor is entitled to modify or cancel these GTC or to provide any assurance contrary to these GTC or who claims to repeal them. 9.3 Furthermore, liability is excluded for damages resulting from a simple or slightly negligent breach or from simple or slight negligence on the part of a legal representative or an agent of performance of the contractor, unless essential obligations the fulfilment of which is necessary to achieve the objective of the contract or resulting from a legitimate right to a particular trust (cardinal obligations) are excluded. are neglected. In these exceptional cases, liability is limited to compensation for foreseeable damage. .

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