Pagabo Client Access Agreement

As part of the two companies` focus on providing value-added to customers, Sypro collaborated with Pagabo in May 2019 and offered its customers access to our Contract Management Contract Manager software platform. Pagabo believes that experts simplify things, and that`s the philosophy of everything they do. From easy-to-understand prices and documentation to the simplicity they create to get started, their frames are designed to make it easier to launch your project. In fact, it is completely free to access pagabo executives and hire consultants and contractors. The use of a Pagabo framework agreement is simple. First, acceense the agreement (see FAQ-Frage 3). You can then contact suppliers on terms and conditions and name them in different ways (depending on the framework agreement): Pagabo makes procurement faster, easier and more efficient for public sector organisations in the UK by providing compliant framework agreements, a dynamic purchasing system and tailored advice, provided and supported by a team of qualified MCIPS procurement experts. Yes, all Pagabo framework agreements are fully compliant with the UK and EU – in accordance with the latest Public Contracts Regulations (2015) / Public Contracts Regulations (2006). „It was a worrying time for the sector, as construction fell to record levels, but despite the extraordinary circumstances, we have seen a huge amount of customer access agreements – which shows the crucial role that framework conditions play in the direction of recovery. This framework is free to access. We support you throughout the process and serve as a link between you, the contracting authority and the contractor. In addition to communicating with our partners, we have kept our public sector clients close to understand their challenges and constraints, at a time when their attention to their communities has been caught up. Our conversations with customers are really helpful.

We know that customers will come back strongly and that development will be stimulated. The 10-part online course gives people the skills to lead a project under a NEC4 contract, with a particular focus on the role and importance of a project manager in a NEC4 engineering and construction contract. The course has proven to be very popular throughout our ecosystem – clients, consultants and entrepreneurs. We will also activate other events – how to make the most of the frameworks we do and understand how we succeed. We can see how customer thieves are moving into the design phase- and even accelerating. Customers want to be ready and move their design discussions forward, ready for the time when projects will start again. This early work is lively because customers take advantage of the time to advance the design elements. In this context, we see a huge number of customer access agreements, which is really encouraging.

Despite the current challenges, we can see how customers connect and activate services from conception and start. There hasn`t really been any mitigation on the design side of things – which is both positive and very interesting in the current context. However, for some organizations, there may not yet be an offer, we listen to customers and understand what projects they want to activate and when. We share this information with our partners, where and when we can, to build trust and help them plan for the recovery phase and beyond. Customers and suppliers of the Pagabo ecosystem were asked in a recent anonymous survey whether they would recommend the use of a pagabo frame. 93% answered „yes“ All Pagabo executives have a true range of pre-eminent values. These vary according to the framework and are based on the predictable level of expenditure that will be covered by the various executives during the period. Our team carefully monitors spending through framework agreements at all times to ensure that it is not exceeded.

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